Dennis Color 1960

Kelli Price

Hi! I work with Dennis as his Marking & PR Manager, which is a nice way to say Bossy  Chick who gives him a 'To-Do' list. I recently moved to Truckee from Atlanta, Georgia and met Dennis within my first week. He is so easy to chat with and we started discussing our passions....mine being photography and his being his art and wanting to inspire other creatives. So, we decided to partner up and I would help him get his message out to the community!  I look forward to meeting everybody at the infamous Truckee Thursdays I keep hearing about!

You can reach me at (678)462-9556 or email me at Also follow me on Facebook for all the adventures of working with Dennis AND my photography.

Dennis James

Hello! My Name is Dennis James of DennisColor1960. My name of my company comes from my name, the pursuit of brilliant color and the year I started spinning on the planet. includes fine art paintings, prints and postcards. Coming this spring there will be a added design section including signage, furniture and sculpture. I also do  custom work including personal requests and murals. You  can find me painting live and in person again this year at Truckee Thursday's. My roots run deep in Truckee and the Sierra Nevada. I'm a local artist with a lot of energy and inspiration for all arts and artists and a strong sense of community.

You can reach me personally by dialing  (530)906-0110 or email me at Also follow me on Facebook for all the adventures of being a Artist. Thank you to the Town of Truckee.